Sri Parameswara‍

Sri Parameswara (Lord Shiva) is residing on the north-east side of the temple, facing east. Sri Parameswara is the father of the main deity, Sree Sree Dharmasastha. Archana, Mrithyunjayapushpanjali, Dhara, Koovalamala, Neyvilakku, Bhadradeepam, Neyppayasam, and Pizhinjupayasam are the main offerings to Sree Parameswara.

Brahma Rakshas

The Atmas (soul) of Brahmins who are experienced in Tantric cult is invoked as Brahma Rakshas. The deity of Brahma Rakshas is located on the north westn side of the temple facing east. It is customary to take permission from Brahma Rakshas before commencing the construction activities. Palppayasam is main offering of Brahma Rakshas.


Puranas recite that Kerala which was the abode of Naga Devathas was granted to Parashurama by the Naga Devathas who in turn gave it to brahmins who were persecuted in other lands. For this reason Naga Devathas are placed at a special location in all temples in Kerala. Nagayakshi is the divine consort of Lord Nagaraja. Manjalppodi Aadal, Neerum Paalum, Pattu Charthal, Paalabhishekam, and Palppayasam are the offerings to Nagayakshi.

Sri Ganapathi

Lord Ganapathi or Ganesa or Vighneswara is the God of wisdom and remover of all obstacles. The deity is residing inside the chuttampalam, right to the Sanctum Sanctorum, facing East. Ganapathi homam and Karukamala are the main offerings


The Bhagawathi of this temple is Annapoorneswari. The deity is seated in the north east corner of the temple facing east. Pushpanjali, Bhagavathiseva, Vilakku and Athimathurappayasam are the main offerings to Bhagawathi. Bhagawathi seva is done for obtaining the blessings of Devi for removal of obstacles, gaining success and prosperity.