Main Offerings


A special and an effective offering Neerajanam to Lord Ayyappa on Saturdays ward of dosa of Saturn.


Abhishekam is an important ritual that involves bathing the deity with all customary chanting of mantras. The remains of Abhishekam are distributed among devotees as theertham. By performing Abhishekam the devotees get liberated from their past sins. In Neyyabhisheka the pure ghee is showered on the idol at the temple. It symbolises the unison of the living soul with that of the supreme soul.

Uhtram Vayana

Uhtram star of every month have Ayappa bhagavatha recitation. In the noon of same day, Annadanam is performed by devotees. Devottes can offer Uhtram vayana on their Janma Masa. For that prior booking is necessary.

Saneswara Pooja

Sastha is the lord of Saturn. Saneswara pooja is performed for pleasing the lord one could reduce the bad affects of Saturn. Prior booking is required for performing this pooja

One day Pooja

Special pooja and offerings are made to Sree Dharmasastha, Siva, Annapoorneswari, and Naga for a whole day to remove all obstacles and confer grace on the devotee. one has to make advance booking for this pooja

Ganapathi homam

Ganapati Homam is considered to be the most appropriate offering to satisfy Lord Ganesa. People worship Lord Ganesa to ward off obstacles. And Ganapati Homam is believed to shower blessings and prosperity to all those who performs it. It also brings mental harmony to all in the family. Ganapathi homam can be performed with 1, 4, 108 coconuts. Devotees can book well in advance for performing this pooja.

Bhagavathi Seva

Bhagavati Seva has been performed for wealth, prosperity and all kinds of benefits and for blessings of family gods. It has been performed on every birth stars. In Bhagavathi Seva, one can see the principles of Thanthra in a simplified form. The ‘Padmam’ which is used as a seat for the Devi is a symbolic representation of the Brahmanda (Universe).

Ellupayasam, Cheru payasam

Ellupayasam is offered to solace from the evils of Saturn. Cheru payasam is the unique offering of Vellimuttam, which is made of rice, sarkara and coconut.

Elluvilakku (Til Lamp)

Ellu Vilakku is yet another important facet of ritualistic offering prevalent in temples of Dharma Sastha. By offering Ellu Vilakku, it is believed that, the devotees would attain happiness in their life and will lead him / her from a life of darkness into one with full of lights. Sasta, the lord of Saturn reduce the bad affects of Saturn.